The Dulux Envirosolutions range provides responsible solutions to traditional paint cleanup methods. Paint washings generated through any means should not be poured down the drain and solid paint waste must be disposed in accordance with local water and waste management authorities. The Dulux Envirosolutions range offers solutions such as the Envirowash System which treats water based paint washings to reduce water usage and the Waste Paint Hardener enables the recycling of metal paint cans. Other products in the range include; Envirowash Starter & Finisher, Brush Cleaner, Brush Wash, Roller Cleaner and Store&Go.



EnviroWash System

The Dulux Envirowash System is an innovative water based treatment system that converts most water based paint washings into treated water and solid waste to reduce water usage.

The first of its kind in the Australian market, the patented Dulux Envirowash System provides a responsible solution to wash up painting tools, such as brushes and rollers, minimising the negative impact of traditional paint clean up methods.



Waste Paint Hardener

The Dulux® Envirosolutions® Waste Paint Hardener turns unwanted water based paints and water based timber coatings into solid waste for responsible disposal. It is a solution with minimal mess and enables easy recycle of empty paint cans.


Envirowash Starter & Finisher

The Dulux Envirowash Starter & Finisher chemical is used in conjunction with the Dulux Envirowash System to treat most water based paint wash water for responsible paint waste management.

Brushcleaner Brush Cleaner
The Dulux Envirosolutions Brush Cleaner is a fast and effective cleaning unit that removes water based paint from multiple brushes quickly with minimal mess and fuss.

Roller Cleaner


The Dulux Envirosolutions® Roller Cleaner is a responsible cleaning system that removes water based paint from roller sleeves within seconds with minimal minimal water usage and mess.



The Dulux Envirosolutions Store & Go is an innovative and efficient way to maintain and care for paint brushes.  The water based gel instantly seals the bristles, to prevent drying, keeping them flexible for immediate reuse after a quick wipe off. Brushes can be stored perfectly in the gel for days, weeks or even up to 3 months.

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