DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render

Code: 194-51961

DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render is a fortified acrylic compound, supplied as a liquid paste designed to be blended with Portland cement as a preparatory base coating for EPS and Unglazed Ceramic Tiles


  • Easy to handle
  • 100% water-based acrylic
  • Easy to apply
  • Mixes with cement
  • Excellent adhesion to polystyrene


  • Fast, efficient application
  • Flexible, minimal shrinkage, easy clean up.
  • Gives smooth surface for textured topcoats.
  • Forms very durable exterior patching material.
  • Hard base coating prior to appling texture coats

Performance Guide

Weatherability] Excellent weather resistance when mixed with cement and topcoated.
Heat Resistance] Up to 90C.
Water Resistance] Resists rain and condensation when topcoated with DULUX AcraTex 955 AcraShield.
Abrasion Resistance] Resists abrasion when topcoated.
Solvent Resistance] Sensitive to alcohols, aromatic hydrocarbons, acetone and strong solvents.
Acid Resistance] Slight softening
Alkaline Resistance] Highly resistant
Salt Resistance] Resistant to salt spray when topcoated.



Surface Preparation

Relative to Project Substrate and Specified Finish - refer to Project Specific Duspec Specification and AcraTex Substrate Guide



Use and typical specification

DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render is principally designed to provide both the adhesive bond between substrate / polystyrene insulation board and as the surface matrix render layer of the Exsulite Coating / Cladding System. Other uses for this product include patching imperfections in masonry substrates. DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render is an ideal leveller ( render) of uneven masonry or where a smooth level is required.

Typical properties and application data

Application Guide AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render requires the addition of fresh grey Portland cement at the following ratio:- 3 parts 500/6 Exsulite Render 2 part fresh Portland cement NOTE: Ensure thorough mechanical mixing of the two components. AS THE ADHESIVE FOR POLYSTYRENE BOARD. AS THE MATRIX REINFORCEMENT RENDER. It is applied to the surface in a layer by Plastering Technique (Hawk and Trowel) approximately 1-2mm thick, whilst fresh and wet apply a length of Exsulite Reinforcement Mesh. Using the trowel , smooth out mesh wrinkles. Deliver a further 1mm of DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render to totally embed mesh and subsequently and lay off to produce a uniform finish. A. CURING TIME 7- 10 Days dependent on weather conditions. For full details refer to individual Duspec Product and AcraTex Applicational Data Sheets.
Technology Type 100% Acrylic
Volume solids 80%
Number of coats 1-2
WFT (Micron per coat) 1250
DFT (Micron per coat) 1000
Spread Rate Sqm/L Per coat 0.7
Pot Life 1 hour
Touch Dry 4-6 hours
Toxicity Lead free. Forms a non toxic film. Conforms to AS1647.3
VOC content <25g/L untinted
Application Trowel
Clean up Water
Recoat Time (25°C,50%R.H.) 24 hours
Full Cure (25°C,50%R.H.) 7 days
Shelf Life 24 months maximium
Sizes 15 litre
Notes Spread rates nominated are theoretical maximum rates required to achieve the specified film builds for technical performance

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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