Concrete Flooring


DULUX Luxafloor® RollCoat - PC227

The high build, high solids, two-pack epoxy floor coating

Dulux® Luxafloor® RollCoat™ is a two-pack, high solids epoxy floor coating, with significantly lower odour than conventional epoxies. Luxafloor® RollCoat™ has excellent flow-out on application, and therefore greatly improves the aesthetic appeal of concrete floors.

DULUX Luxafloor® ECO2 - PC296

The waterborne two-pack epoxy floor coating

Dulux® Luxafloor® ECO2™ is a two-pack, waterborne epoxy floor coating for interior use. Luxafloor® ECO2™ is designed for medium foot and wheel traffic conditions where solvent odour may be a concern. The total VOC level of Luxafloor® ECO2™ is less than 10 g/l and has virtually no odour, making it suitable for projects where a hardwearing two-pack floor coating is required in projects constructed within strict ESD guidelines and/or with stringent indoor air quality requirements. The fast dry characteristics of Luxafloor® ECO2™ allows up to three coats to be applied in a single day, and ready for light traffic in a day or two.

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