Standard Colour Card Range


Dulux Powder Coatings stock more than 200 Products in a range of products, colours and finishes to suit just about every situation. The following brochures will help you to find the right colours for your applications:


Electro colour card screenshot

Electro Colour Card

Colour Selector 2013 Screenshot

Dulux Colour Selector



Duratec X15



Duratec® X15 Colour Card



Fluoroset X25

Fluoroset® X25 Colour Card





Product Samples for standard colours and hardcopies of our Colour Cards can be ordered via the Make an Enquiry form.


Due to variations in computer monitor screens and colour printers, the colours represented in the PDF file links above are indicative only. For a closer representation of colour, request an original copy of a colour chart or swatch of a specific colour by accessing the
Make An Enquiry page. For further enquiries, contact the Dulux Customer Service Team on 13 24 99.



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