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I didnt' know Dulux has specialist Sports Surface System?

The AcraTex Acrylic Coating Solutions. We are the largest coatings company in Australia with products and technology partnerships spanning all facets of the coatings market

What does "Acrylic Coating" mean - I thought it was paint?

Tru-flex Acrylic Finishes are multilayer high build flexible "filling and texturing skins" designed specifically for external court surfaces.  "Acrylic" refers to the binder of the coating providing ultimate flexibility and durability

Tru-flex Acrylic vs Tru-flex Acrylic Cushion?

Both provide excellent durability and playing characteristics.  Tru-flex Cushion systems additionally include layers of specialty rubber "cushioning" particles delivering improved player comfort and pro court conditions

"ProAcrylic", "MultiSport", "ProCushion", "UltraCushion" - So many system choices?

There are varied options im both the Acrylic (Hardcourt) and Cushion systems essentially varying the number of layers and the smoothness of the final surface finish.  These variations determine the court feel, rebound and ball speed characteristics.  Dependant on the condition of the existing surface and the required court use, your Tru-flex Professional can advise on system recommendations

How so we best maintain Tru-flex Courts?

Tru-flex courts are installed by Tru-flex professionals so from day 1 you're assured of optimum performance.  Attention to a few basic court rate guidelines will ensure years of trouble free life.

•Initial Cure

Dependant on conditions during application and curing, slight foaming may occur the fist time the courts are wetted after application.  When fully cured (7 days in good drying conditions) and before first playing, rinsing with fresh clean water and light brooming removes any residual detergents which may other wise reduce court grip

•Scuff Marks

Will be more noticeable on new courts and will diminsh as the court surface normalises.  The types of shoes warn could mark the surface - black soled shoes should be discouraged


Minor ponding after rain is best removed with an absorbent "Roller Dryer" (available from speciality equipment suppliers) rather than fixed blade squeegees which over time may alter the surface.  Major ponding is detrimental and may indicate sub-surface movement which should be recrified.  Refer to your Tru-flex professional for advice

•Normal Cleaning

Routinely remove loose debris including leaves and organic matter which can degrade leaving staining.  Washing with fresh water/mild detergent with light brooming at regular intervals is recommended.  Always rinse well with fresh water after washing to remove all detergent traces which otherwise may reduce court grip











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