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Tru-flex Cushion Sports Surface Systems

Tru-flex Cushion Systems are 100% acrylic multi layered coating systems specially formulated with sand and highly resilient rubber cushioning particles delivering excellent traction and optimum playing characteristics when applied over correctly prepared concrete and asphalt bases. Relative to the court base construction and required playing characteristics, variable system options classified as CUSHION, PRO-CUSHION or ULTRA-CUSHION courts are detailed overleaf.

Tru-flex Cushion Systems have been designed to provide consistent rebound, sure footing and outstanding durability that enhance player performance.  The innovative shock-absorbing properties reduce body impact and muscle fatigue.  High quality, durable colour pigments in the formulation enhance the aesthetic look of the surface finish whilst resisting fading caused by harsh climatic conditions.  The addition of rounded silica sand and specially granulated cushioning particles in the coatings gives a surface that reduces abrasion of tennis shoes and balls.


Tru-flex Cushion Court System Guide 

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ITF has classified Tru-flex Cushion Court System in the following categories :





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