InfraCOOL® helps keep surfaces cooler by reflecting more sunlight ...BEFORE it's absorbed as heat.

InfraCOOL® colours use specific pigments that reflect more of the Sun's invisible INFRA-RED radiation which accounts for around 50% of the Sun's total light energy hitting a surface.

InfraCOOL® technology is an option for most colours across the Dulux AcraTex® Roof Membrane colour range. Additionally Dulux® has formulated comparable colour matches to most popular tile and metal roofing colours. Some colours benefit more than others from InfraCOOL® Technology.

Colour choice still makes a difference - White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall.


Cool Roof with InfraCOOL logo

The built environment includes large areas of roof surface which can absorb the Sun's radiation to act as solar radiators.


It makes sense...

to design a barrier that combats the specific Heat Source, and that means reflecting the Sun's rays BEFORE they're absorbed as heat.

By reflecting more of the Sun's radiation, Dulux Cool Roof™ with InfraCOOL® Technology can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat build up in roof spaces that can filter into living zones¹

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¹The extent to which InfraCOOL® may translate to internal benefits in warm conditions will depend on variables such as colour choice, building design (including roof pitch, materials & window placement), insulation, ventilation, occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio of exposed roof area to floor area. Colour choice can still make a difference. Cool Roof White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall.

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