Dulux AcraTex Green Render Sealer

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Green Render Sealer is a Water Based primer/sealer designed specifically for the preparation of fresh "green" masonry surfaces to minimise unsightly white salts or "efflorescence" migrating through the applied coating system and speed project coating schedules by reducing the traditional concrete /render "Alkalinity passivation" wait period.



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Eliminates Unslightly Efflorescence


Scaffolding Costs Reduced

Uses of Green Render Sealer?

Green Render Sealer can be used over all masonry surfaces to provide excellent system adhesion and   integrity with long term durability.  The primer forms a barrier over alkali substrates limiting the reaction with atmospheric Carbon Dioxide thus reducing the formation of unsightly white deposits or "efflorescence" on the surface typically associated with coating of highly alkaline "Fresh" masonry.  The primer allows for reduced substrate curing time prior to coating, thus fast track project work and reducing overall project costs and construction time.


Note : GRS is "Safe to paint after only 2 days" based on adequate drying of the substrate to a stable moisture content.

* When correctly applied by a fully trained AaraTex applicator, 15 year warranty applicable on installations which include AcraTex Green Render Sealer plus 2 coats of AcraSkin weatheproofing topcoat.




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