AcraTex Surface Treatments

system performance from the inside out

Typically premature coating failures are traced to inadequate surface preparation -�AcraTex Surface Treatment solutions provide effective and efficient processes that clean and treat dirt, form oils & mould, seal & consolidate, and even permanently change the structure of masonry substrates to resist moisture and contaminants for long term resistance against weathering & pollutants.

DULUX AcraTex 400/4 Tiltwash

Water based low toxicity cleaning agent for removal of bond breakers & form oil

DULUX AcraTex 400/4 Tilt Wash is a water based low toxicity cleaning solution specifically designed to remove form oils & bond-breakers from concrete panels. To be used prior to the application of a paint/texture system

DULUX AcraTex 500/10 Prep Treat

Residual Fungal / Algal treatment leaving a long term surface active effect under the coating to prevent spoilage from spores held within the substrate pores

DULUX AcraTex 500/10 Prep Treat is a water based low toxicity fungal & algal treatment designed to be applied and left on pre-cleaned surfaces prior to subsequent coating systems providing a residual sterilizing effect at the substrate-coating interface where often mould and algal spores are trapped causing film spoilage from under the coating.

DULUX AcraTex 500/4 AcraBond

Acrylic Polymer add mixture and bonding agent for cement renders

DULUX AcraTex 500/4 AcraBond is a 100% pure acrylic add-mixture & bonding agent for use in RenderWall and general purpose renders and concrete mixtures to improve strength and adhesive properties of cementitious compounds

DULUX AcraTex AcraSilane

Water based General Purpose, low solids, Silane/Siloxane water repellant for treatment of masonry and concrete surfaces to provide lasting water repellency

DULUX AcraTex 964 AcraSilane in a non film-forming penetrating surface treatment that chemically bonds within the masonry pore structure to create a hydrophibic surface on bare unpainted brick, stone and concrete block, aerated autoclaved cement, fibro cement, and similar mineral based porous surfaces. DULUX AcraTex 964 AcraSilane penetrates into the pores and forms an invisible film which protects against moisture ingress

DULUX AcraTex Acrasilane IBTES

High Performance, Solvent-Less, Isobutyl TriEthoxy Silane, for the protection of Steel Reinforced Engineered Concrete from moisture and water soluble contaminants such as chloride ion

DULUX AcraTex 964 AcraSilane IBTES in a non film-forming, deep penetrating surface treatment that chemically bonds within the masonry pore structure to create a permanent hydrophibic layer on and below the surface of bare concrete and other mineral based porous surfaces. Typically used in structural grade installations where as a concrete pretreatment under AntiCarbonation Coating systems providing ultimate and last line defense against the ingress of water soluble chloride ions which other wise may accelerate re-bar corrosion.


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