Australians have painted Dulux as one of the country's most trusted brands!


The Readers Digest "Trusted Brands survey" pinpoints brands which are seen as the most reliable. It is the 13th year of the survey which asked more than 2,400 Australians about their favourite brands. Dulux has been named the number 1 trusted paint brand and the 4th most trusted brand overall in 2014. Australian's said that Dulux is a well know Australian brand that stands for quality, the best results, reliability and consistency.

Top 10 most trusted brands.
1. Dettol
2. Colgate
3. Dyson
4. Dulux
5. Band-Aid
6. Parker Pens
7. Johnson & Johnson
8. Weber
9. Sanitarium Weetbix
10. Panadol


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