Exploring the idea of connection with the earth, ourselves, our heritage and creativity in commercial spaces is the theme behind the 2015 Dulux Colour Forecast. Fittingly entitled Connection, the four colour palettes will inspire Australian design professionals to embrace colour - from the dark and moody to bright and bold and everything in between.

With technology becoming more and more intertwined in our lives, the four Connection palettes - Wildland, Silentshift, Modhaus and Earthwerks - represent ideologies associated with connecting, reconnecting and disconnecting in the real world.

After studying trends forecast from around the world, Dulux has released its 2015 Colour Forecast. To bring the 2015 Dulux Colour Forecast palettes to life, Dulux,

collaborated with leading design professionals Juliet Moore and Ben Edwards from architectural practice Edwards Moore, and Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie, textile designers and owners of Bonnie and Neil.

SILENTSHIFT140624-Dulux-CF-001 Earthwerks140626-Dulux-CF-015

The collaboration was bought together under the creative direction of stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King.

Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour Planning and Communications Manager said one of the most exciting elements of the Dulux Colour Forecast is the opportunity to each year collaborate with industry professionals from different fields of design.

"Tapping into the industry and working with some of the most inspiring and innovative design professionals demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of colour.

"Edwards Moore and Bonnie and Neil have taken the four colour palettes and delivered beautiful and inspirational examples of how colour can add an extra dimension to projects using some of the most on-trend colours," she said. "We are going to see a lot more pink being used daringly as people become adventurous and have fun with colour. You can use a bold pink to create maximum impact or in small quantities to soften a space. Soft mushroom pinks such as Dulux Salmon Grey create a subtle, neutral scheme while a vibrant pink such as Dulux Pink Papaya can really liven up a space."

But the future isn't all pink, as Australians look to nature to guide us. 2015 will also be raw and rustic with more earthinspired influences. Greys will continue to be important going forward.

"Natural landscapes, raw elements and minerals, fashion and the connection between digital and rediscovering our offline lives are the most influential factors for 2015," Ms Lucena-Orr said.




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