Matchstik Fandeck Loader

A Matchstik™ is a portable colour measuring device that can find the nearest colour match in its self-contained library.

Matchstik image

Dulux supplies two models of Matchstiks™, one branded 'X-Rite' and one branded 'Dulux'.

The Dulux model uses a USB connection to obtain colour library updates from this site via a PC.

Click here to update the World of Colour Atlas colours to your Dulux-branded Matchstik™. Please wait until requested to connect your Matchstik™ to your PC.

To update the older X-Rite branded model, please book a time to return the Matchstik™ to Dulux Colour Services by calling on +61 3 9263 5733.


Matchstik™ is a Trade mark of X-Rite Incorporated.

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