Choosing the right painter and using premium quality paints is your best way of ensuring a great paint finish for your home. We recommend you ask painters who are quoting for information about recent jobs they have undertaken and any customer references they may be able to provide.

Always obtain written quotes from painters, and take the time to compare them carefully. Most of the cost for painting your home can be attributed to labour, that is, the time is takes to properly prepare surfaces and the painters attention to detail with the quality of their workmanship and paint finish. Specialist scaffolding requirements can also add unexpected cost to a quote. 

And always remember, like any reputable business, professional painters are obligated to abide by safety legislation and have the appropriate insurances such as public liability, workers compensation and home warranty insurances as required in most states, so do take the time to confirm they have these in place prior to entering any agreement to accept a quote.

Dulux Facts

Never leave a paint-covered roller exposed to the air for a long length of time. If you’re having a break, wrap it in plastic cling wrap. Sounds odd, but it works.

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