Dulux Premium Interior Prepcoats

Dulux has a complete range of prep coats to help you achieve an outstanding result. Select the appropriate preparation paint product from the Dulux premium prepcoat paint range including Dulux One Step Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat.

DULUX 1 Step Acrylic Primer, Sealer & Undercoat

An all-in-one acrylic interior/exterior primer/sealer/undercoat with excellent hiding power

DULUX 1 Step Oil Based Primer, Sealer & Undercoat

A rapid drying all-in-one oil based interior/exterior prep coat with excellent hiding power

DULUX Sealer Binder

A oil based prepcoat which binds powdery or chalky paint to the original surface and seals porous surfaces providing a sound surface for subsequent coats.

DULUX PREPLOCK Quick Dry Oil Based Stain Blocker

A rapid drying interior/exterior oil based prepcoat with powerful Preplock stain blocking technology.

DULUX PREPLOCK Shellac Based Stain Blocker

A shellac based prepcoat ideal for locking in stubborn stains and odours

DULUX PREPLOCK Water Based Stain Blocker

A water based interior/exterior prepcoat with powerful Preplock Stain Blocking technology

DULUX Acrylic Sealer Undercoat with Ultrasmooth

A low VOC acrylic sealer undercoat with excellent hiding power and filling properties for use on interior plasterboard and textured surfaces.

DULUX All Metal Primer

Dulux All Metal Primer is a water based primer designed for metal surfaces including galvanised iron, Zincalume®, wrought iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. Dulux All Metal Primer has excellent adhesion and has been formulated with anti-corrosive pigments to inhibit rust and corrosion for the protection of metal surfaces.

Dulux Facts

The Dulux dog has become so iconic that people often refer to Old English Sheepdogs as “Dulux dogs”.

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