Dulux Premium Ceiling Paints

Select your product from the range of Dulux ceiling paints including Dulux Light & Space Ceiling which provides a brilliant white finish with ultimate hiding power.

DULUX Light & Space Ceiling Flat

Brilliant white with ultimate hiding power

Dulux Light & Space Ceiling is an ultra white high performance ceiling paint. With concentrated titanium pigment, it delivers superior opacity and creates a light and bright appearance.

DULUX Wash&Wear Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling Flat

With Mouldshield + Anti Bacterial Technology and a 5 year guarantee* against mould growth, new Wash & Wear Kitchen & Bathroom Ceiling Flat is perfect for ceilings in wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

DULUX Ceiling White

A low VOC, flat white ceiling paint with excellent hiding power.

DULUX NeverMiss One Coat Ceiling White

With Dulux Nevermiss the guess work is taken out of painting ceilings as it applies pink and dries to a beautiful flat white, so you can see where you've painted.

Dulux Facts

There are approximately 1,200 jellybeans in a can of Dulux Jelly Beans.

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