DULUX Weathershield Gloss Acrylic

Code: 603-LINE

An acrylic self priming paint for exterior use. Its unique MaxiFlex™ Stretch Technology gives a tough flexible finish, for long life protection all Australian weather conditions. Dulux guarantees that this product will not blister, flake or peel for as long as you are living in your house.


  • Self priming on most surfaces
  • Water based
  • 100% acrylic paint with MaxiFlex technology
  • The Dulux Promise. Guaranteed for as long as you are living in your house.
  • Versatility
  • Tannin resistant
  • Please note: Chromamax bases are not self priming


  • Apply direct to most bare surfaces
  • 2 hour recoat and easy clean up.
  • Excellent durability - expands & contracts with climate changes
  • Long lasting.
  • No primer required to prevent staining on bare timber
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray


Roller, Brush, Spray.

Coverage - 16 square metres per L

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and free of all dirt, dust, grease, loose or flaking paint. Metal surfaces should be free of rust, salts & any signs of corrosion. Efflorescence or mould on masonry or concrete surfaces must be treated. Occasionally an apparently sound old paint will lose adhesion when recoated, particularly if the new paint is darker in colour. To avoid this, check the adhesion of the old paint by cutting an 'X' through a clean area of the film with a sharp knife, press cellulose tape firmly across the cut and rip it off. If the old paint comes off with the tape it should be removed before repainting.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with water


DULUX WEATHERSHIELD® Gloss is a 100% acrylic self priming paint for exterior use. Its unique MaxiFlex Stretch Technology gives a tough, flexible finish for long life protection from the extremes of weather. THE DULUX PROMISE Guaranteed for as long as you are living in your house. We guarantee, as long as Weathershield is applied in accordance with the instructions for use, Weathershield will not PEEL, FLAKE or BLISTER for as long as you are living in your house. We should know, we have been testing Weathershield in Australian Conditions for over 40 years. We believe in the quality of Weathershield so strongly, that if it doesn’t deliver, we will replace the product free of charge. It’s the Dulux Promise. This guarantee does not cover paint failure caused by any breakdown of coatings applied previously, where Weathershield is applied over coatings not specified by Dulux or in the event of substrate failure. To claim you must be living in the house you have painted with Weathershield.


1L, 2L, 4L, 10L, 15L


A full range of colours from an extensive range of white and coloured bases.

Product downloads

Material Safety Data Sheet - pdf

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Dulux Facts

As a general rule, paint from the top down, that way you won’t drip on areas you’ve already painted.

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