Backyard Shinanigans

Name: Adrain Rivalland

Project Title: Backyard Shinanigans

University: RMIT


North Eveleigh Cinamatheque

Name: Tiffany Liew

Project Title: North Eveleigh Cinematheque

University: University of Sydney


The Lost, Erased, Unseen & Forgotten'

Name: Geordie Shaw

Project Title:The Lost, Erased, Unseen & Forgotten

University: Victoria University of Wellington

Arncliffe Library

Name: Renata Guimaraes

Project Title: Arncliffe Library

University: Whitehouse Institue of Design

From the Garden

Name: Ashleigh Briggs

Project Title: From the Garden

University: Monash University

Illuison Bar & Restaurant

Name: Shona Dunne

Project Title: Illuison Bar & Restaurant

University: RMIT

No Sombros

Name: Caroline Cliftonbligh

Project Title: No Sombros

University: Sydney Design School

Recycled Garden

Name: Kristina Taranto and Steven Vidovic

Project Title: Recycled Garden

University: The University of Melbourne