Single Residential Exterior


Annandale House

Name: CO-AP Architects

Project Title: Annandale House

Company Name: CO-AP Architects


The Black House

Name: Rolf Ockert

Project Title: North Avenue

Company Name: Rolf Ockert Architects


Bellevue Home

Name: Kathryn McMillan

Project Title: Bellevue Home

Company Name: KGD Design Ltd

Abbotsford Residence

Name: Anthony Chan

Project Title: Abbotsford Residence

Company Name: Chan Architect

Box Hill House

Name: Adrian Rivalland

Project Title: Box Hill House

Company Name: Marc Dixon Architect

Elonare Heights House

Name: Melonie Bayl Smith

Project Title: Elonare Heights House

Company Name: Bijl Architecture

The Black House

Name: David Edelman

Project Title: The Black House

Company Name: David Edelmen Architects

The Paddington Butterlfy House

Name: Michelle Walker

Project Title: The Paddington Butterfly House

Company Name: Michelle Walker Architects PTY LTD