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Dulux and Lucy Feagins, founder of the leading design blog The Design Files, have collaborated to showcase the latest colour trends for your home.

Learn what Lucy says about the Colours of Open House - a unique palette selected especially for The Design Files Open House. Once you have selected your favourite colours, try them in your home with Dulux Colour Chips or Sample Pots as the images may not represent the true colour due to limitations of display.

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The owners of this compact home in Melbourne’s Seddon were keen to create a distinctly Australian aesthetic, using a colour palette of desert orange and gumleaf grey / green throughout their home. Warm orange tones are often overlooked, but can be the perfect solution where bold colour is needed without losing a sense of lightness.

In this case, a bright persimmon tone has been used adjacent to floor to ceiling windows - filling the living area with a summery glow, year round.



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There’s no doubt that the easiest place to experiment with brave colour is in a child’s bedroom – and they’ll love you for it! In this case a neutral taupe with just a hint of warmth is the perfect base for an eye-catching wall mural, incorporating eye-popping raspberry accents.

A winning colour combination!

White on

Limed White


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The idea that dark tones make small spaces feel smaller couldn’t be further from the truth. Often, small spaces such as a bathroom, laundry or walk in robe can be the perfect spots for a deep, masculine hue – and charcoal grey is always a popular choice.

The science behind this thinking is that the edges of the room become less distinct where walls and ceilings are treated in a dark, shadowy tone, and the scale of the space becomes more abstract. Deep grey is also a comforting treatment for the rooms we occupy first thing in the morning!


Western Myall

Design Metallic Metro Mars

To guarantee you’ll absolutely love your colour, use a Dulux Sample Pot to trial on your wall at home. That way, you know, you’ll get it right the first time.

*Using a sample pot to trial a colour is a recommendation only and Dulux accepts no liability for colour choice.

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