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Q. Is there much scope to work flexibly if my personal circumstances change?

A. Dulux values its people and is committed to providing and maintaining a flexible work environment that enables staff members to manage their work, family and lifestyle responsibilities whilst maintaining business requirements. Dulux encourages its managers to think innovatively about the way employees' working conditions are structured to meet both employee and business needs.

Q. I'm interested in working at Dulux but there aren't any positions which suit my qualifications currently advertised. Can I still apply?

A. You can enter an expression of interest in working at Dulux and create a profile of your details and experience which you can update and monitor at any time. If a role comes up which suits your profile we'll already have all your details and can quickly get in touch with you.

Q. Do I have to apply online?

A. Yes. All applications for the advertised roles with Dulux need to be entered through the Dulux Careers website. If you don't have an internet connection at home, friends, family, internet cafes and public libraries may have internet access and could be good places to try to access the application site from.

Q. If my internet connection drops out when I'm in the middle of my online application will I have to start the whole application again?

A. No. The system should have saved where you were up to and should email you a login and password which you can use to log back in and finish your application.

Q. If I forget my password to login, do I have to start a new application?

A. No, go to the Existing Applicant Login page, enter your email address and your password will be resent to that address

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