Capture a world of colour with Dulux Snapshot®

*Available from Dulux Trade Centres and Inspirations Stores

Introducing Snapshot®, the new colour matching device from Dulux®

Easily match the colour of any flat surface to over
4,500 colours from Dulux World of Colour.

Manage and share your colours on your
Android or iOS device via Bluetooth.

Easy to use, take anywhere size, and unique lens that accurately matches any flat surface to over 4,500 Dulux colours – Dulux Snapshot® is the perfect tool for any project.

Download Dulux Snapshot® App

How to use Dulux Snapshot®

4 simple steps that give you access to a world of colour.

Step 1 - Download

Download the partner app to store,
manage and share your captured colours.

Step 2 - Calibrate

Open the app first and quickly calibrate so
that Snapshot and your phone are in sync.

Step 3 - Capture

Find a colour and capture it. Open the app on your phone and press
the button your Snapshot device. When the 3 lights illuminate you’ve got it.

Step 4 - Collect

Captured colours are instantly sent
to your phone via Bluetooth.