Code: 552-94992

A slip resistant additive for use in Intergrain UltraDeck, NaturalStain and UltraFloor.


  • Slip resistant additive
  • Use with Intergrain Ultradeck, Naturalstain or UltraFloor
  • Achieves R12 slip resistant rating when used with UltraDeck and UltraFloor (and Intergrain EnviroPro Endure)
  • Achieves R10 slip resistant rating when used with NaturalStain.


  • Provides added slip resistance.
  • Can be used on almost all exterior timbers.
  • Durable finish for around pools.
  • Complies with VIC & NSW anti slip building regulations for interior stairs (with Intergrain UltraFloor or Enviropro endure).

Performance Guide

VOC Properties0g/L

Surface Preparation

UltraGrip must be added to each coat of UltraDeck/NaturalStain/UltraFloor. Stir contents of UltraDeck/NaturalStain/UltraFloor can thoroughly with a flat blade stirrer. To avoid spillage, remove 500ml of the timber coating from the can before adding UltraGrip. While stirring, add the full container of UltraGrip slowly to avoid generating dust. Stir in UltraGrip thoroughly before and during use, with a flat blade stirrer. Add removed timber coating back to the can as space becomes available. Stir thoroughly. Important: Stir regularly with a flat blade stirrer during application to prevent settling. Apply timber coating as specified on the UltraDeck/NaturalStain can directions. Do not use spray application (H.V.L.P. or airless). Refer to UltraDeck/NaturalStain/UltraFloor can for coverage rates.

Clean Up



Use on all decking and exterior timber walkways in UltraDeck and NaturalStain and Flooring or Stairs in UltraFloor or Enviropro Endure.


200g, 500g

Use and typical specification

Intergrain UltraGrip is a slip resistant additive that has been specially formulated for use in Intergrain UltraDeck, Intergrain NaturalStain, Intergrain UltraFloor and Intergrain Enviropro endure. When used with these products UltraGrip provides a high performance, long lasting, textured finish, which reduces the tendency for decking and timber walkways to become slippery when wet, and adds anti slip properties to fooring and stairs when used in UltraFloor.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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