DULUX Luxafloor® ECO2 - PC296

Code: 714-LINE

Dulux® Luxafloor® ECO2™ is a two-pack, waterborne epoxy floor coating for interior use. Luxafloor® ECO2™ is designed for medium foot and wheel traffic conditions where solvent odour may be a concern. The total VOC level of Luxafloor® ECO2™ is less than 10 g/l and has virtually no odour, making it suitable for projects where a hardwearing two-pack floor coating is required in projects constructed within strict ESD guidelines and/or with stringent indoor air quality requirements. The fast dry characteristics of Luxafloor® ECO2™ allows up to three coats to be applied in a single day, and ready for light traffic in a day or two.


  • Very low VOC and odour (<10 g/l when mixed)
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller, conventional or airless spray
  • Wash up in water
  • Very fast dry
  • Smooth, eggshell to semi-gloss finish with optional Luxafloor® Aggregate for added slip resistance where desired
  • Available in a standard range of factory packaged colours and tinted pastel colours and Clear


  • Can be used on projects with stringent ESD guidelines, such as Greenstar™
  • Short cure time allows multiple coats in a day to achieve a trafficable floor sooner
  • Low odour formula ideal for hospitals, aged care facilities and schools
  • Suitable for facilities with very short down-time available for maintenance
  • Ease of use ensures a more aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Tough and chemical resistant

Performance Guide

WeatherabilitySome chalking and yellowing may occur on exterior exposure if not topcoated with a suitable UV resistant coating
Heat ResistanceUp to 120°C dry heat.
Water ResistanceExcellent resistance to fresh and salt water. Not suitable for immersion.
Abrasion ResistanceExcellent abrasion resistance when fully cured. CS-17 wheels 120 mg/1000 cycles (Taber Abrasion @ 1000g load/wheel)
Solvent ResistanceResists splash and spillage of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents and most common alcohols.
Acid ResistanceSuitable for splash and spillage of dilute acids.
Alkaline ResistanceExcellent resistance to splash and spillage of most alkalis.
Salt ResistanceExcellent resistance to neutral and alkaline salt solutions.


Roller, Brush, Airspray, Conventional Spray

Surface Preparation

Degrease if necessary. Diamond grind or shot blast the floor to remove laitance and create a sound, profiled substrate. Areas inaccessible to diamond grinder or shot blast equipment shall be ground to a matching profile with power tools. Remove all dust and debris. Fill or patch holes and make flush with surrounding concrete. Ensure moisture content is below 10%.


Luxafloor® ECO2™ is suitable for all projects designed along sustainability guidelines, as well maintenance work where low odour is required, such as hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, food processing, manufacturing and storage facilities. The lighter colours are particularly suitable for car parks and back-of-house areas to improve visibility, aesthetics, cleanliness and safety.


10L packs


Factory packaged colours and pastel base

Use and typical specification

Concrete: Detergent wash if necessary to remove oily deposits. Diamond grind to remove surface imperfections and laitance and provide a good key for the coating system. Typical system: 2 x Luxafloor® ECO2™ @ 65 microns per coat.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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