DULUX Professional Red Oxide Primer

Code: 367-84189

Approvals: AS3730, Part 14.

DULUX Professional Red Oxide Primer is an oil based prepcoat for use on most common metals to prevent corrosion.


  • Weather resistant
  • Non toxic components
  • Anti-corrosive properties


  • Surfaces primed with this product can be left for several months prior to topcoating.
  • Safe to use where drinking water collected, important in rural areas.
  • Prevents the surface rusting on properly prepared ferrous metals.

Performance Guide

VOC Properties< 380g/L untinted


Roller, Brush, Airspray, Con-Spray

Surface Preparation

The surface to be primed must be clean, dry and free from rust and millscale. Lightly rusted surfaces should be treated with rust remover and scrubbed down with a wire brush or abrasive paper back to bare metal. DULUX Professional Red Oxide Metal Primer must be applied as soon as the treated surface is thoroughly dry. If the treated surface is affected by rain or left overnight and exposed to dew, the surface will have to be re-cleaned before applying the primer.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with mineral turpentine.


4L, 10L


Red Oxide

Use and typical specification

Use DULUX Professional Red Oxide Metal Primer as an anti-corrosive primer on all common metals with the exception of zinc and galvanised surfaces. Suitable for use on surfaces used for the collection of drinking water. Can be topcoated with water based or solvent based products.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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