DULUX Professional Galvanised Iron Primer

Code: 664-84188

Approvals: APAS 0134, AS3730, Part 15.

DULUX Professional Galvanised Iron Primer is an acrylic metal primer, suitable for preventing corrosion of ferrous metals and galvanised surfaces.


  • Water based
  • Metal primer
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Recoatable with all systems


  • Same day recoat. Easy Cleanup
  • Aids in rust prevention.
  • Bonds tightly to all ferrous metals, Galvanised Iron and Zincalume.
  • Topcoat with water based or oil based paints.

Performance Guide

VOC Properties< 40g/L untinted


Roller, Brush, Airspray, Con-Spray

Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface to be painted is clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, grease, oils and wax by wiping or scrubbing the surface with rags or brushes wetted with mineral turpentine or white spirit, followed by wiping with clean rags. Loose or peeling/flaking paint must be completely removed. Care should be taken to avoid damaging the protective galvanised film. Any rust areas or where galvanising has eroded must be cleaned back to bare metal with a wire brush or abrasive paper, washed, dried and spot primed with DULUX Professional Red Oxide Metal Primer. The cleaned and dry surface should be primed with DULUX Professional Galvanised Iron Primer as soon as possible. For ferrous metals in coastal environments, first apply 1 coat of Professional Cold Galv Primer for added corrosion protection.

Clean Up

Clean all equipment with water





Use and typical specification

DULUX PROFESSIONAL Galvanised Iron Primer can be applied to all cleaned and/or prepared galvanised surfaces for subsequent coating with any DULUX PROFESSIONAL oil based or water based top coats.

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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