Dulux AcraTex 501/8 AcraPrime HAR

Code: 194-85772

DULUX AcraTex 501/8 AcraPrime HAR Primer is a Low VOC ,Water Based primer/sealer designed specifically for the preparation of fresh "green" masonry surfaces. Reduces unsightly white salts or "efflorescence" migrating through the applied coating system and speeds project coating schedules by reducing traditional concrete/render "Alkalinity passivation" delays.


  • Superior water and alkali resistance
  • Seals and primes masonry surfaces
  • Penetrating binder
  • Water based, Low VOC


  • Fast tracks coating application over green concrete
  • Ensures good, uniform adhesion of topcoat
  • Consolidates masonry surfaces
  • Environmentally sound system

Performance Guide

Weatherability] Excellent - enhances system durability
Heat Resistance] N/A - not tested
Water Resistance] Highly water resistant
Abrasion Resistance] Resists abrasion when top coated with a full Acra-Tex system. .
Solvent Resistance] N/A - Not tested
Acid Resistance] N/A - not tested
Alkaline Resistance] Excellent Alkali Resistance - Suitable over "green masonry" after 7 days of idea curing conditions. Under adverse conditions allow 14 days.
Salt Resistance] Resists migration of soluable salts


Roller, Brush

Surface Preparation

Relative to Project Substrate and Specified Finish - refer to Project Specific Duspec Specification and AcraTex Substrate Guide





Use and typical specification

AcraPrime HAR Primer can be used over all masonry surfaces to provide excellent system adhesion and integrity with long term durability. The primer forms a barrier over alkali substrates limiting the reaction with atmospheric Carbon Dioxide thus reducing the formation of unsightly white deposits or "efflorescence" on the surface typically associated with coating of highly alkaline fresh masonry. The primer allows for reduced substrate curing time prior to coating, thus fast tracking project works and reducing overall project costs.

Typical properties and application data

Application Guide DULUX AcraTex 501/8 AcraPrime HAR may be applied by roller, conventional or airless spray. A brush is required to cut in around edges and obstacles. Typical airless set-up: Graco Ultra 500 using 0.011-0.013 spray tip at approx. 1000 psi. For full details refer to individual Duspec Product and AcraTex Applicational Data Sheets.
Technology Type 100% Acrylic
Volume solids 40%
Number of coats 1
WFT (Micron per coat) 188
DFT (Micron per coat) 75
Spread Rate Sqm/L Per coat 5.0
Touch Dry 30 Minutes
VOC content supplied on request
Toxicity Lead free. Forms a non toxic film. Conforms to AS1647.3
Application Nap Roller, Brush , Spray
Clean up Water
Recoat Time (25°C,50%R.H.) 4 hours
Full Cure (25°C,50%R.H.) 7 days
Shelf Life 12 months maximium
Sizes 15 Litres
Notes Spread rates nominated are theoretical maximum rates required to achieve the specified film builds for technical performance

Product downloads

Product Data Sheet - pdfMaterial Safety Data Sheet

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