DULUX Professional Wall Brush

Code: N10DP-LINE

The Dulux Professional Wall Brush is a high quality paint brush for all paints. It provides consistent and even paint release as well as excellent control and precision.


  • Tapered filaments for better precision and control
  • Durable stainless steel ferrule
  • Raw timber handle for maximum comfort
  • Filament embedded resin and triple pinned handle to reduce movement and filament loss


  • For all paints
  • Convenient & even paint release
  • Excellent control & precision

Clean Up

For acrylic paints (water based) wash in Dulux EnvirosolutionsĀ® Brush Wash or warm soapy water, rinse and spin out excess water. For oil based paints wash in Dulux EnvirosolutionsĀ® Brush Wash or mineral turpentine then wash in warm soapy water and rinse. Do not soak brush in solvent for extended times. Allow brush to dry. Comb bristles straight and place brush in its packaging. Hang with filaments down. Do not allow paint to dry on brush.


The Dulux Professional Wall brush has varying widths to accommodate different painting jobs.


50mm, 63mm & 75mm

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