MIO Topcoats/Finishes


DULUX Ferreko® No 3 - PC560

The micaceous iron oxide epoxy

Ferreko® No 3 is a two-pack epoxy containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide, offering outstanding durability and abrasion resistance even in aggressive coastal and industrial environments. Ferreko® No 3 resists UV exposure and moisture penetration with minimum chalking.

DULUX Weathermax® HBR MIO - PC405

The graffiti resistant MIO polyurethane topcoat

Weathermax® HBR MIO is a two pack polyurethane finish for long term durability in both exterior and interior areas. Weathermax® HBR MIO is ideal for property maintenance as it has been specially formulated for brush and roller application with superior flow out of brushmarks compared with other MIO finishes. Weathermax® HBR MIO is easily recoatable with itself after detergent degreasing and light abrasion. Weathermax® HBR MIO is ideal for public spaces that may be prone to defacement by spray-can graffiti, as it is unaffected by Dulux Graffiti Eraser.

DULUX Ferrodor® 810 - PC552

The micaceous iron oxide alkyd enamel

Ferrodor® 810 is a single-pack alkyd enamel containing a high level of micaceous iron oxide, offering excellent durability in mild to moderate environments. Ferrodor® 810 resists UV exposure with minimum chalking.

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